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TEKtronex & JMSMmetrics Solutions will develop and distribute miniaturized to standard sized GPS (transponders) or Global Positioning System tracking devices. Initially, the manufacturing of our devices will be subcontracted, while we develop the supporting software and systems internally, although we plan to manufacture our products in-house in future years. Unlike our competitors, we have the technology which allows many of our systems to work with or without the presence of cellular towers, enabling their use anywhere in the world, including cities, deserts, oceans, lakes, mountains, or anywhere else adventurous travelers find themselves. Our products are also distinct in that they are small to midsize and fully programmable. Our systems can be customized to meet the end user for his or her unique individual applications. TEKtronex & JMSMmetrics Solutions mission is to become the leading provider of GPS systems worldwide. Through a combination of evolving technologies, miniaturization, affordability for the end-user, programming capabilities and ease of use, and we will be known as the premier developer/supplier of Global Positioning System devices by TEKtronex & JMSMmetrics Solutions. Our primary target markets include, but are not limited to; vehicles, packages, pets, and family.

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Our devices can be used anywhere around the World. In fact, using a 'geofence' subscribers are able to monitor by via text when an asset goes beyond the given field. Vessels can be tracked anywhere too. However, with most GPS devices regardless where you purchase them; there will be a lost signal somewhere. Given the Earth is covered with about 75% of water, once your device comes in contact with the right tower, then the monitoring starts again. With ours, we use tower and satellite communications to pair with our devices. Your assets will stay in contact with our system including your vessel... Keep in mind, if there is a signal loss, the recording on the device will continue. You we be able to pick up where the device left off once communication is restored.

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Get the information you need, the way you need it without hassle, extra cost, or frustration. Our system and Web page will make it easy to use TEKtronex GPS transponders the way you want; without needing help from IT - and don't worry about installation software, maintenance, downloading updates or security. Also, there aren't any other additional IT investments this software requires. We take care of all that for you. We are here 6 days a week and Sundays by email to serve your needs.

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"Striving to Bring the next Generation of GPS tracking systems to the World."


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