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Login Directly To Our Server

Activate your Personal Tracking Page, $49.95 (One time fee); included are: setting your personal tracking Web page with your user ID and device software installed. Shipping of your device. Any training required.
  • Month (month to month billing)

    $24.95 per month

  • Three Month Plan

    $22.95 per month ($68.85 prepayment required)

  • Six Month Plan

    $20.95 per month ($125.70 prepayment required)

  • Twelve Month Plan

    **** $19.95 per month 12 months ($239.40 prepayment required, 1 Month Free after the first 12 months!) That is 13 months of service. ****

  • Twenty Four Month Plan

    **** $18.99 per month 24 months ($455.76 prepayment required, 2 Months Free after the first 24 months!) That is 26 months of service. ****

Please Note:

Requirements & Notices

  • Utilizing more devices will drive your costs down over-all.
  • The above quote is based on standard packages. Prices are subject to change based on pingtimes. Ping rates are five to ten minutes. However, the times can easily be adjusted to your needs. Call today and lets talk about what package is suitable for you.
  • We accept payment by phone, in person, or by online invoicing. We accept Master and Visa cards. PayPal is another form of payment you can use.
  • Benefits:

    Do the math and save

    • Our trackers offer a min of 1-second tracking update (package) on the locations of the driver and speed.
    • Trackers provide you with the tracking details of your employees, family, and assets.
    • Trackers help you to save expenses on fuel and wear/tear on your vehicle(s).
    • Provides you with accurate arrival time and delays predictions.
    • Enables you to check your driver(s) speed rate.
    • Notifies you when the driver will arrive to their destination.
    • Locate your loved ones and vehicles from any mobile device or computer. PC or Mac.
    • Our trackers help you save up to 25% on insurance expenses. Call your insurance to see if you qualify.
    • You can track more than one vehicle, person, and asset at the same time.
    • Enables you to keep a record of your driving details for at least, a period of 11 months.
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