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Find out easily what is going on with your asset through our calender system. Back-track logging system is available to you 24/7...

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    Other Data Is Available Such As Miles & Drive Time

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  • All Data Is Stored
  • What Is Your Employee Doing
  • Where Is My Family Member
  • Is My Asset Safe
  • Is My Vehicle Safe
  • Is My Teen Safe - How Fast Are They Driving
  • Where Are My Parents
  • Where Is My Pet
  • And More
  • Our trackers offer a min of 1-second tracking update on the locations of the driver and speed.
  • Our trackers provide you with the tracking details of your employees, family, and assets.
  • Our trackers help you to save expenses on fuel and wear/tear on your vehicle(s).
  • Provides you with accurate arrival time and delays predictions.
  • Enables you to check your driver(s) speed rate.
  • Notifies you when the driver will arrive to their destination.
  • Gives you a platform to trace the location of your loved ones and vehicles from any mobile device or computer. PC or Mac.
  • Our trackers help you save up to 25% on insurance expenses. Call your insurance to see if you qualify.
  • You can track more than one vehicle, person, and asset at the same time.
  • Enables you to keep a record of your driving details for at least, a period of 11 months.
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